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Excerpt from: "Life’s Journey of a Refugee" - Private

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Excerpt from: "Life’s Journey of a Refugee"

Edwin Stalzer is born at the boiling point, the moment of Gottschee’s final tragedy. Deluding themselves that they can escape persecution by “reuniting” with the Third Reich, Gottscheers are multiply betrayed by Hitler, who trades their ancestral farms away to the Italians while resettling them not in Germany, but on stolen Styrian land.

Forced to be both robbed and robber, Ed’s people must defend themselves as long as they can against the rage of Tito’s partisans and the Allies. His childhood intermingles harsh realities of rural life, Nazi politics, air raid and guerrilla war with sacred moments of idyll and holiday, until Gottschee is driven into penniless exile.

Ed’s life is spared only because of his father’s extraordinary empathy with the wronged Slavs, braving the punishment of forced conscription to the Russian front.