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Abgeschickt von John Tschinkel am 06 Februar, 2003 um 02:55:15

Open Letter to the Gottscheer Zeitung,

It is astounding how you persist in your long lost campaign against Slovenia. This persistence and unwillingness to accept reality is displayed on page 2 of the January '03 issue of the Zeitung.

As was predictable, your decade long campaign to deny Slovenia the entry into the EU unless it grants your demands came to nothing. This finality became evident when the EU announced on December 14, that Slovenia met all requirements for full membership and will enter the Union in 2004. Slovenia has recently also become a full member of NATO.

It has been obvious all along that your efforts were no more than a shadow play which no government ever took seriously. This effort includes your failed attempt to nullify the AVNOJ Decrees. Proof of this is provided even by your own Mr. Stritzl in his article on page 2 of the Zeitung. There he quotes Hubert Pirker, the Carinthia representative to the EU: "On the European scene we [Carinthia] stand alone. In Brussels, the meaning of the Benesch or AVNOJ Decrees is largely unknown".

That Carinthia stands alone is no surprise. But Mr. Pirker is presumptuous in saying that in Brussels the AVNOJ Decrees are largely unknown. With this he is belittling not only the EU parliamentarians but the EU itself. Fact is, the AVNOJ decrees are known in Brussels and elsewhere for what they were; an effort by Yugoslavia, including Slovenia, to get rid of the brutal Nazi occupier and its supporters. By accepting Slovenia into the EU, the AVNOJ decrees were reaffirmed by the entire Union.

In the same GZ article, Mr. Victor Michitsch is urging Mr. Pirker to bring the AVNOJ decrees to the attention to the EU parliamentarians. But Michitsch knows that Mr. Pirker has been doing this for years and, as quoted above, without any success toward nullifying the Decrees. By this posturing Mr. Michitsch is desperately trying to hang on to his dwindling following which is becoming ever more aware that he is pursuing a senseless and dangerous policy which will continue to taint the dispersed Gottscheer everywhere.

John Tschinkel, 1/29/03


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