Impression / copyright / liability exclusion


Josef Gladitsch

Josef Gladitsch, 2002

Contents of the / websites may not be used in any form, either individually or in combination, or merged into other websites or electronic media, or reproduced in printed form without permission. No responsibility exists for accuracy, completeness or quality of facts. No liability is assumed for existence and contents of Hyperlinks to other websites. No liability is assumed for unsolicited materials.

Liability exclusion

1. On-line offerings

The author assumes no liability for factuality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the presented information. Claims against the author, be they of material or conceptual nature, caused by use or non-use of the presented information, respectively through use of faulty or incomplete available data are excluded in principle, insofar no deliberate or gross negligent action can be proven. All offers are without obligation and non-binding. The author reserves the right, without prior notice, to alter, change, erase or delay or stop, temporarily or permanently, the publication of part, pages or the entire tendering received.

2. References and links

Direct or indirect references to alien Internet sides ("Links"), which are outside the realm of responsibility of the author, a liability could become effective exclusively in the event when the author has knowledge of the content and he was technically in a position to prevent the use of such illegal contents to the extent possible. The author emphatically states that, in the timeframe during which the links were established, the thus linked pages were free of illegal content. The author has no influence upon the present and future construction and the content of the linked/connected sites. He, therefore, disassociates specifically from the contents of all linked/connected sites, altered after the establishment of the link. This stipulation is valid for all tenders, set and referenced within the Internet boundaries established by the author, as well as for entries from outsiders in guest books, discussion sites and mailing lists. For illegal, erroneous of incomplete contents, particularly damage which result from use or non-use such presented information, only the owner of the contacted site is liable and not he who through links, connects to the actual presentations.

3. Originator and Identification Rights

The author strives, in all his publications, to honor the originators right to the graphics, soundtracks, video sequences and texts, or those developed by himself or make use of unlicensed graphics, soundtracks, video sequences and texts. All, within the InterNet presented, so called and through third party protected brand- or trade marks are unrestrictedly subjected to the regulations of the valid identification right of the subject owner. Based solely on this label, it is not to assume that the trademark is not protected by the rights of a third party.
The copyright of published, by the author developed objects, remains the right of the author only. A duplication or a use of such graphics, soundtracks, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is, without the expressed permission of author, is not permitted.

4. Data security

As much as, within the Internet presentation, the possibility for entering of personal or business data exists, the pricing of such data for benefit of the user is wholly voluntary. Recourse for acceptance and payment of all offered services - insofar as technically possible and reasonable - also without indication of such data and/or anonymous data or an alias is permitted.

5. Legal validity of this non-liability

This non-liability is to be regarded as part of the InterNet offer, to which this site is referenced In as far parts or singular formulations of this text do not conform, neither more nor less, to the applicable rights, the validity of parts of a document with its content remains unaffected.